The man behind Montreal’s secret robotics workshop

Adrian Knowler Shrouded in translucent plastic are his coffee maker and toaster, but also a German-made precision welding microscope and extra-wide printer for creating posters and packaging. Peeking out from beneath his kitchen table are two grey canisters of argon gas. Almost every available surface is covered in tools and hardware – bolts, washers, and screws […]

Americans abroad in a post-Trump World

Americans have always had image issues when traveling and living abroad, with polls finding Americans perceived as greedy and violent among Europeans. The election of Donald Trump as American president last year, however, has largely tarnished the United States’ reputation further, with many around the world shocked and confused by the result.  

Interview Assignment – JOUR 209

Cyclist Ayrton Wakfer refurbishes and sells used bikes to keep them on the roads longer and keep people interested in cycling. His products are very simple by design in an effort to keep bike maintenance to a minimum – a chore that Wakfer believes puts too many people off of the sport.