Concordia’s emergency response gets busy following bomb threat

Concordia’s emergency response plan was put to the test on March 1 when a bomb threat in the form of a letter that was emailed to the university and local media outlets. The SPVM was called in to perform searches of the Hall, EV, and GM Buildings, which were all evacuated, as per the response plan.

A complete timeline of the day’s events, sourcing from social media and official police and university communications, can be found here.

The evacuation and following police operation were carried out swiftly. Police found no bombs and the targeted buildings were reopened within the same day, but there have been questions raised about the degree to which the evacuation order was followed. Concordia’s website advises students in the event of evacuation to “Once outside, move away from the building.”

Although the buildings’ interiors were evacuated, Loyola shuttle service remained unchanged, with students lining up to get on the bus on the sidewalk beside the Hall building. The school’s administration and the SPVM addressed a press scrum in front of the EV building, an apparent contradiction of their own guidelines.

The video below takes a closer look at the university’s response and how the administration says it will approach emergency response in the future.


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